The very beginning of BEE World formed in partnership and, that value has carried on through to today. Recognizing the overwhelming need for biblically trained pastors and church leaders, BEE World leverages limited resources through partnerships with like-minded mission organizations and churches. Personnel, curriculum, training, and methodologies can be shared, and effectiveness amplified.

  • Harvesters

    Harvesters Ministries Vision:

    Our vision is to plant 1 million churches, to train 1 million pastors, and evangelize and disciple 100 million believers by 2025.

  • icete - The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education

    ICETE is a Global Partner within the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)
    It’s purposes are;
    1. To promote the enhancement of evangelical theological education worldwide.
    2. To serve as a forum for contact and collaboration among those worldwide involved in evangelical theological education, for mutual assistance, stimulation and enrichment.
    3. To provide networking and support services for regional associations of evangelical theological schools worldwide.
    4. To facilitate among these bodies the enhancement of their services to evangelical theological education within their regions.

  • iTEE Global

    iTEE's Mission:

    Bringing relationally-driven biblical ministry education to church leaders lacking access to it​.

  • JETS –Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary

    The Mission Statement of JETS is: “Equipping spiritual leaders for planting and strengthening churches in the Arab World.”  This is summarized: “Equipping Arab leaders for the Arab world.”

  • OTAN –Outreach to Asia Nationals

    OTAN's Mission:

    We exist to train and resource persecuted Asian pastors to reach their people.

  • RMBC –Rocky Mountain Bible College / RMS –Rocky Mountain Seminary

    Rocky Mountain Bible College and Rocky Mountain Seminary exist to equip students in the study of the Bible that will lead their generation into the future changing the way they think, live and serve, to change their world for Jesus Christ.

  • Ethiopian Evangelical Baptist Church logo

    Ethiopian Evangelical Baptist Church

  • First Baptist Church – Midland

    The mission strategy of FBC Midland is to share Christ with unreached people groups, train indigenous pastors, and plant reproducible churches. BEE World is an important partner in our effort to make disciples of all nations in regions of the world where church leaders and pastors cannot get a Bible education because of geographical, economical, or political conditions. FBC works to establish indigenous leaders in the Word of God, so they can plant churches who can fulfill the mission of Christ best in their context.

  • Grace Fellowship Church

    Mission and Vision:

    Since day one, our mission has been to “glorify God by joining Him in building a community to reach a community.”

    We strive to accomplish that mission through our vision of helping broken and vulnerable people find life in Christ.

  • Midland Bible Church

    Midland Bible had already made a church planting commitment to work with a particular people group in one country. They had a church network of 130 churches in their denomination. After a while, the leadership in the country asked, “can you help us train leaders at the local church level?” This is not an uncommon occurrence for a church’s missions overseas, as the needs are so great. Traditional leader training strategies were graduating a couple of dozen pastors a year.

    Midland Bible church realized they needed a partner to help with that rather than re-creating an entire program. So in 2010, they partnered with BEE World to further a work God had already called them to.

    It began with initial training of two groups of 15 pastors each, representing 12 denominations from eight African countries. These pastors worked through all the BEE World curriculum and were encouraged/challenged to start their 2nd generation groups using the training they had received.

    Because of BEE World’s multiplication model of training those “who will train others also,” the work has grown beyond the 5th generation of training––over 7,500 church leaders have been trained crossing denominational boundaries.

  • Compel Global

    We are a network of missions leaders and pastors who have a passion to unleash the church for the sake of the harvest.
    We match Givers, Senders, and Goers together so more laborers reach the field.

  • Stewardship Ambassadors

    Stewardship Ambassadors employs a strategy of discipleship, as the principle philosophy towards developing ministry partners for missionary service.