The Need

With the exception of the U.S. and Europe, Christianity is expanding more today than at any other time in history. This explosive church growth is wonderful, yet it has resulted in a leadership crisis. In the 10/40 Window alone, more than 5 five million pastors lead their congregations without any kind of biblical training. Often, these pastors shepherd between 5 and 20 congregations.

Did You Know?

  • Public seminaries can't exist in restricted-access countries.
  • Resident Bible schools meet less than 50% of the need.
  • In one Asian country, there is one trained pastor for every 60,000 believers!
  • Our challenge is to train 5 million pastors to meet the current void.

  • Our StRategy

    BEE World missionaries travel three to four times a year to these limited-access regions. Coming in as a servant and in partnership with the leadership of local churches, they spend their time in a country facilitating Bible studies to mentor leaders. As students participate in this interactive learning and are confronted with biblical truths––sometimes for the first time––they often experience personal transformation. As a result, their families, congregations, and even communities become more aligned with Scriptural truths.

    Our model is for students to:

          Know the truth
          Be true disciples

          Do what God has revealed in Scripture

  • Facilitation

    We call our training method Facilitation. Rather than delivering a lecture, students are encouraged to engage with biblical texts. Facilitators model how to observe what a Bible passage says, interpret it through the lens of Scripture, and consider how to apply its truths in their context. All of this helps develop critical thinking skills in handling Scripture.


    This type of learning can be new to many of our students in emerging countries. In urban areas, often education has been simply to memorize what someone else has told them is true. We find in rural areas that students have had limited access to formal education, sometimes only a few years worth, much less, biblical education.


    And yet, once these critical thinking skills are mastered, the pastor or church leader is equipped to seek biblical answers for his church and community context.

  • Multiplication

    The other key component of our training is Multiplication. Biblical concepts are facilitated in such a way as to be easily transferred. Because the learning style is interactive, it is easily reproducible. All through the training, students are encouraged to consider who they will train next and to begin their 2nd generation groups after the first year of training. 2nd generation students are then encouraged to start their 3rd generation groups and so on. The concept of Multiplication is essential in addressing the overwhelming and urgent need for pastors and church leaders to become equipped to lead their people with biblical truths. The goal is for the training model to become indigenous––owned, led, and perpetuated by nationals.

  • Building Indigenous BEE Ministries

    BEE World's objective is to build indigenous BEE (Biblical Education by Extension) ministries by working alongside nationals towards their full ownership of an intentional training path that multiplies servant leaders. From the beginning of training, we work to see that national training ministries become locally-propagated, locally-governed, and locally-financed.