Does it work?

Comments from BEE World Training participants:

“I would like to tell you the BEE World courses help me greatly to understand the Word of God and they help me train other people so they can train other people. Not only that, when I train other people, for the first time in our lives we understand the Word of God. So, we really appreciate that BEE World has prepared the church of (my limited-access country) and the leadership. May God bless you.”

I need this training and all the pastors in my region need this training. We have this terrible problem that our congregations are depending on us to teach them truths from the Word. We feel this great burden and responsibility. But we have not had any training, so we don’t even know what to say.”

    I used to be angry when people told me they didn’t understand what I was preaching. Now I realize it was my fault! I need to improve! Need more of this!”

    One pastor’s comment from a week of Bible Study Methods, “Honestly, I have never been taught in my life this great truth and application to my life.” Because material is taught in an interactive way, he says, “I am not the same because it has revealed my hidden life, where to discover truth, apply it, get the blessings of the application of truth, and then pass on the truth and application to others.”

    “Because my parents treated me very harshly, (as a parent) I wanted to be very permissive. I disciplined my boys out of authority because I thought they needed to be afraid of me. Now I know that it needs to be out of love. I have also learned different ways to share the gospel with the youth group.” -J from Asia

    I gained so much depth in my understanding of Galatians 1-2; particularly the clear division between law and faith.” -M in South Asia.

    My short time with BEE training has brought a transformation in my understanding of the Word of God that I have desired for a long time. I also share God’s Word with other churches to whom I minister. The members and pastors of these other churches asked me, ‘What happened? Your teaching has changed!’ They claim I have been speaking to their lives in a manner they had never seen me do previously. Peoples’ lives are changing!”

    “Like a garland, this course bound together the truths in Mark (not isolated but progressing). It hit me that what Jesus was going thru in Mark (opposition, criticism, hostility) is what we are going thru! That gives it more meaning for us.” -from a restricted access country

    “I learned how to facilitate (from the Bible). (Rather than just lecture). I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this but I didn’t have the opportunity until this week. This will change my ministry of teaching.”

    “(I’m) grateful for this whole week, it has helped me in my personal life, health, emotionally and everything. Considering Ecclesiastes 7:13,14­—God has allowed both the crooked and straight things in my life. I am glad because I need to be stronger—now I can see clearly what God is doing and I can see all the good things about him.” -E from Zimbabwe